Landscape Beautification Program

Everyone likes to make a great first impression, but the ideal situation is to create a great first impression that lasts. Our Landscape services are designed specifically to help your business create and sustain that great first impression.


The landscape Management Division of Steadfast specializes in the year-round maintenance of properties. We also have experienced team of landscape consultants that offer quality control, site consultation, budgeting, property upgrades and seasonal colors to our clients in the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

Our Services Include:

  • Landscape Maintenance
    • Mowing
    • Edging
    • Trimming
  • Bed Detail (including trimming and weeding)
  • Enhancements and Design
  • Irrigation Maintenance and Repair
  • Water Management Programs
  • Fertilizer and Pesticide
  • Arbor Care
  • Aquatic Maintenance
  • Annual Program
  • Facility and Property Repairs* (Including pressure cleaning, painting, signage repairs and more.)

Each one of our programs and services will be customized to fit your needs.


Steadfast understands your concerns when homeowners and visitors notice a lack of green in your turf or plant material that is dead or dying. Following the “Florida Best Management Practices” established by University of Florida will help insure proper health of your property. Items such as proper fertilization, minimizing grass clippings in ponds, and proper mowing and trimming techniques can only help your plant material look better and last longer. With Steadfast’s “Standards of Excellence” this ensures each team member understands what is expected and is trained properly to perform.


One of your major investments is your property and facilities. Improving the appearance is a very cost-effective way to preserve and enhance that investment. We have the full range of capabilities needed to handle every aspect of a custom maintenance program.


Water restriction programs and rising water prices are occurring throughout Florida. We will establish an irrigation plan for your landscape, by considering the soil, plant/turf, management practices and environmental conditions.


Steadfast is equipped to mow large acreage and fields. Mowing, line trimming, and trash removal can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to ensure your property is to city code.


Steadfast provides a wide range of products to control and prevent unwanted weeds, insects, disease, wildlife & other pests on your property.


Beds of seasonal annual flowers provide your commercial property with a variety and colorful accents that set your facility apart. The beautiful colors of the flowers enrich your building’s landscape while also providing a wonderful lift to people’s spirits. Stunning landscapes featuring annual colors are a perfect way to generate positive thoughts about your company from employees, vendors, and customers alike. Steadfast offers a range of seasonal flower programs that are customized for your particular landscape needs and budget.


Here at Steadfast, we provide landscape and architectural lighting for your outdoor area. Our outdoor lighting services let you highlight your home or business features no matter the time of day it is.