One of your major investments is your property and facilities. Improving the appearance is a very cost-effective way to preserve and enhance that investment. We have the full range of capabilities needed to handle every aspect of a custom maintenance program.


Our design center works closely with the county and municipal regulatory agencies to produce code-compliant landscape and irrigation plans for all scales of commercial and residential development.


The irrigation systems installed by Steadfast’s Irrigation team begin with great design. We ensure that the system we install provides proper water coverage of the plants, as well as the controls and mechanisms required to maximize efficiency and convenience. Our experience in designing and installing irrigation systems has also provided us with the cutting-edge expertise required to engineer and install the right irrigation system for your situation, weather that means a simple five zone system or a modular system controlling hundreds of zones.

We specialize in large-scale residential and commercial irrigation applications. And of course, we maintain the systems we install.


Commercial irrigation systems are sophisticated technology that requires special certifications to install and operate. The key is to choose irrigation installation and maintenance experts who have comprehensive knowledge and expertise. From older systems that are frequently in need of repairs and updates to the installation of the latest technology, you want a company that can handle it all. 

These services include:

  • Wet checks of every zone in your property's system.
  • Immediate replacement and repairs when faults are identified.
  • Sprinkler head replacement as necessary.
  • Piping repairs to correct and avoid any leaks in the system.
  • Clock maintenance to ensure appropriate watering lengths and days.
  • Inspections of proper water coverage to all landscaped areas.
  • Detailed irrigation reports provided to you on a regular schedule
  • Drainage installs and repairs


Effective irrigation installation begins with careful and exact planning. Irrigation systems must be designed so that all components of landscaping are getting the proper amount of water. Overwatering, underwatering, and watering in the wrong place can be avoided with careful planning.

Careful irrigation design also helps home and business owners save money. The greater the efficiency of an irrigation system, the more money it saves. Other important components of design and planning include the shape of the lawn, the type of plants in the lawn and landscaping, as well as the size of the area that needs irrigation.