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We will have an initial meeting to go over the scope of work. At this first meeting, we will determine if plans are needed. If so, you can provide your own, Steadfast can also use our inhouse team to provide them, or we can refer you to a licensed architect with whom we work regularly.


Soon after our first meeting we will provide a preliminary proposal based on scope of work and/or architectural drawings. We will meet a second time to go over the proposal. During this meeting you will receive our product selection sheet, which categorizes and keeps track of all you product selections and project specifications. We will also discuss job length and start date.


If you are ready to move forward after the second meeting We will continue to meet as many times as needed to finalize the scope of work, pricing, and project selection. We will ask that you select most all of your products and finishes before the project starts. That enables your project to run smoothly and ensures that there are no delays. Then permits are secured and materials ordered.


Once your project starts we will have regular progress meetings based on need and/or your preference.


Upon Completion of the job, we will have a final walk though and make sure everything is finished to both your and our satisfaction.